The dnsproxy daemon is a proxy for DNS queries. It forwards these queries to two previously configured nameservers: one for authoritative queries and another for recursive queries. The received answers are sent back to the client unchanged. No local caching is done.

Primary motivation for this project was the need to replace Bind servers with djbdns in an ISP environment. These servers get recursive queries from customers and authoritative queries from outside at the same IP address. Now it is possible to run dnscache and tinydns on the same machine with queries dispatched by dnsproxy.

Other scenarios are firewalls where you want to proxy queries to the real servers in your DMZ. Or internal nameservers behind firewalls, or...


Release 1.17. Make maximum packet size configurable.
Release 1.16. Now without included libevent, some portability fixes.
Release 1.15. Updated to libevent 1.1, portability fixes.
Release 1.14. Additional platforms supported.
Dnsproxy is now included in the FreeBSD ports tree (at dns/dnsproxy).
Release 1.13. Two new configuration statements, better documentation.
Release 1.12. First public release.
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